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VChained is the world’s first open-source no-code & low-code solution for supply chain management that helps you trace your product journey, calculate carbon footprints and much more.

Plug & Play
Connect with your existing platform

We understand you might already be using a tool to manage your supply chain, the good thing is you can connect VChained with your existing platform

Host Your Own Backend

Clone our SDK and host your own backend, with VChained we provide full ease of customisation where you can host your own backend at any server. Our goal is to build trust & we maintain total transparency by keeping our code public

Connect for Free

VChained dashboard build on React and Nest.js, can be connected for FREE. With authenticity tracker, anyone can track a product using the blockchain hash and find out it's history



VChained uses blockchain to create a transparent & efficient platform to automate & streamline the global supply chain. We utilize hybrid blockchains or sidechains to utilize blockchain's decentralized advantages while maintaining the security and privacy of user’s data

Smart Contracts

Smart Contracts enabled automation, driving the supply chain with predetermined, automated workflows with which you can manage your inventory directly

Secure & Immutable

We store your data on blockchain, on every transaction all previous transactions are verified which ensures total security and immutability in your data.

Power of Decentralization

Unlike the others who build their solutions on Hyperledger, VChained uses a private network on an actual public blockchain, which is not just an artificial blockchain but supports all the features
of Blockchain such as real blockchain addresses, direct connection to main network and using tokens and NFTs platforms. You can directly sell your products as NFTs if you want.

Become Carbon Neutral*

Calculate your carbon footprint on the go, get tips to reduce your footprint and finally connect with the NFT marketplace to buy some credits*


Check out why VChained is the best supply chain management platform

Nth Level Tracking

Trace the subparts of any product and check out the history of the product, do a full RCA & find out what went wrong and what can be done to avoid it

Participant Management

Leverage the power of blockchain to ensure trust between your participants. Invite more members in your supply chain on the fly.

Reports/ Insights

Export data as csv and generate reports easily using VChained you get full traceability of products. The data is immutable and maintained forever

Assign Sub-Parts

Add or remove sub parts to a parent product, you can also use partial products based on percentage. We will track parent parts only after this step

Manage Inventory

With VChained you can manage your Inventory, checkout the incoming & outgoing claim requests, accept or reject as per convenience

Bulk Updates

With VChained you can create a batch and then transfer all of them as one, the receipient will be able to unbatch the lot and use the products as well


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