Blockchain Traceability for Logistics

VChained works on the 3T’s principles across your supply chain to transform your brand value, they are as follows


End to End Traceability of products and the processes it undergoes leads to Transparency within your ogranization & your customers


Build Transparency within your organisation as well as with your customers to gain their Trust and loyalty for the future.


Trust leads towards brand value and loyalty hence your business growth and also brand value

Why are these 3T’s important for your Brand?

Here’s why you should use VChained to Track and Trace your medicine & supplements

Brand Growth

In Today's world, creating brand awareness plays a crucial part to drive growth and build consumer trust, loyalty, and engagement. Using these 3T's gives you a competitive advantage


Safety in Medicine & Supplements is not a choice anymore. Every consumer has a right to voice any unethical or fraudulent claims. Strict regimes and processes are required to preserve and grow brand reputation.


Transparency, Traceability & Trust automatically builds a sense of loyalty with your customers which makes sure they stick to your brand

Challenges faced

Lack of Visibility

Supply Chains today are mostly not digitalized. The Traditional & Manual paper-based tracking are still being used, disabling the ability to get complete transparency & visibility and to hence get any insights.

No Single Source Of Truth

In the current systems, the Data gathered within supply chain is stored in multiple distributed systems. This makes it impossible to get a cohesive insight into the entire supply chain.

Tamper Prone & Unverifiable Data

Each Stakeholder and player within the eco-system can change and modify the data and make unverifiable claims.

How Can VChained Help?

Top Benefits of using VChained to manage your Supply chain

Customer Trust

With VChained, customers will be able to scan a QR code and get end to end insights from manufacturing to retail, what ingredients it contains and what checks were done on the product

Competitive Advantage

Your brand will be able to stand out from the endless competition in the market. Our verified and authentic product information will be a key asset building loyalty

Supply Chain Management

All the network participants can login to the dashboard and manage all inventory products in bulk and you will be able to trace all the steps it went through.

Insights & Improvements

Improve by analyze the product journey & find out the bottlenecks, resolve problems by identifying the source

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